The only eCommerce mastery course you’ll ever need – No previous knowledge required.

The absolute “hold me by the hand all the way” guide to building a wildly successful eCommerce business in Nigeria that generates 7-figures monthly.

Everything you need to learn to go from ZERO to HERO.

I got a beauty product, that solved a very nagging problem that women had.

It was an “Anti-Ageing Serum” 

I was already a decent expert at copywriting, advertising, video editing and web developement, so setting up a successful store came easy to me.

This product cost me less that N1,500 per unit and I sold it at N12,500 + Free Delivery + A Free Beauty E-Book

It was an instant hit!

In 30days, I had sold out 100 units.

Made my first million, selling 3-5 units everyday

I had discovered a gold mine but I was still in the little league.

Many more years down the line and thousands of products sold online. 

I have decided to share my methods with you.

Your life could change in the next 30 days if you pay attention to the words on this page and take action. 

If you’ve never made 7-figures/month consistently, selling ONE product without headache and frustrations, this is PERFECT for you.

I reveal my battle-tested, secret system to selling online with no hassles and hold you by the hand in a 90% video course to build yours.

Two things will make you several millions fast. Selling the right product and selling the right product FAST

The right product is like a magic spell, it solves a deep problem or has a WOW factor. It hypnotizes your customer and makes them beg you to take their money for it.

The richest eCommerce gurus know and guard the secrets to finding them with their life. They will hate me for sharing this.

VALUE: ₦200,000

To sell your product fast, your sales page has to have the structure and words that grab your site visitors by the throat and force them to pull out their wallet.

I reveal the formula that helped me generate ₦22 Million in 6 months with a single product!

VALUE: ₦250,000

What happened the first time you tried to run ads? I know, you just made Mark Zuck richer for nothing. Dashed him your $ and got no customers in return.

In the last 6 months, I have spent over ₦10 million on Facebook Ads profitably for myself, clients, friends. I spend so much because every cent I put in, brings 10 in return, it’s so addictive.

A lot goes into being a world-class expert, knowing the right strategy for a niche, data tracking, accurate targeting, lookalike audiences, retargeting set-ups, budget optimization, navigating ad policies, grabbing the attention of cold traffic. 

 It’s overwhelming for newbies but this course will spoon-feed you EVERYTHING you need to know.

VALUE: ₦150,000

I have had several video ads reach millions of views on Facebook and every time, I use the same formula to create them. 

People get so sucked into my video ads and share them endlessly.

Steal my dead simple viral-video recipe with this course.

VALUE: ₦100,000

For every time you get on the phone to close a sale, the words you say mean EVERYTHING. Say the wrong words and the sale is gone, say the right words and the customer will beg you to take their money.

Over the last 5 years, selling multiple 7-figures across several niches, I have figured out the perfect sales script formula that works like a charm.

This has worked for several of my clients and employees so I’m sure as hell it will work for you and turn you into a superstar closer.

VALUE: ₦50,000



TODAY'S PRICE: ₦25,000

I have worked with Princewill to create Facebook advertising strategies to sell out hundreds of units quickly at very low cost, select excellent products and build a fantastic system! If he's selling his brain, buy it
The eCommerce Blueprint contained everything I needed to start my online business. Picking high-quality products that give good ROI, selling them really FAST. I watch my video ads and I'm surprised I could do that! My ads have gathered millions of views and brought me 7 figures in revenue
The advertising strategies in the eCommerce Blueprint has helped my food business dominate Instagram. My DMs is constantly flooded with customers ready to buy. The next goal is 8 figures in a month

There's More...

The knowledge I have put together in the Blueprint is backed by years of doggedness in the trenches of eCommerce. My methods will absolutely work for you but in the highly unlikely event that you do everything I teach and do not sell a dime online, you get your money back, no questions asked.

This is a real business and real businesses require investments. With this business model, you can start off with very little capital and grow it significantly as you move along. My team of experts, in a closed group would be able to guide you on the best way to optimally invest your capital and position you for long term success.

The course content is in video format and you get to look over my shoulder and watch my every move as I create image and video ads

I respond within 24hrs to all emails to princewill@princewillchuka.com

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Account Number: 2056556845

Bank: UBA

Name: Princewill Chukwuka

Send an email with your name to princewill@princewillchuka.com once you make payment

Yes, you can. Send an email to princewill@princewillchuka.com

Why Should You Listen To Me?

This is the part where I usually share my experience working at JUMIA, HP, FCMB, ASUS building several 7-figure brands, and working with several other local and international brands and clients in the last 5 years to convince you to purchase the Blueprint.

But check this out, the genius of my skills brought you to this point, from my ads, emails, lead magnets, affiliates, etc. This is the same way I have sold several millions online and I want to share it all with you.

Would you rather take your chances, make mistakes that you could avoid and risk failing?

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